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We are passionate about events and sustainability, which is why we wanted to bring you Eco Glitter Events!

Combining forces with Mirrorball Productions, an event entertainment company based in Hong Kong, we want to create sustainable solutions for private and corporate events of all sizes. 

Sustainability to us is not just about choosing environmentally friendly products, but also about supporting local talent and small businesses to create our events, collaborating with likeminded people in all aspects of our business. 

We offer event packages for adults and kids alike.

Get in touch with your event date and we will do the rest! 

Team Eco Glitter x Mirrorball Productions

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Valerie is a world renowned circus performer and creator of the "Mirror ball act".


Having performed at the London 2012 Olympics, Valerie has travelled the globe, hitting the stage of the world’s most prestigious venues.


Valerie's desire to truly sparkle and shine on the stage were the inspiration for her signature Mirror ball act. This dazzling display is the pinnacle of any performance and guaranteed to turn the heads in any room.

The Mirror Ball Act@ has been created by Valerie in 2014, since then it has enjoyed worldwide success in the private and corporate event market sector. The act has been performed in prestigious venues such as Sydney Opera House, London's Science, British and Natural History Museums, The Royal Palace, Richard Bransons Necker Island, One and Only Reethi Rah Maldives to name just a few. Past clients include Christian Louboutin, Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, Virgin, Skoda, Addidas and Reebok, Stella McCarteny, Toyota, NYX, Legal and General, Morgan Stanley, Swarovski and many more. The act is also performed at the most prestigious private events such as weddings, birthdays and bah and bat mitzvah’s around the world, from London, Kuwait, Marbella, Seychelles and Singapore.

Valerie was born into the world of circus following the footsteps of her parents who were also circus artists. Her career started at the tender age of 13, performing in a circus musical ‘Eclipse’, from there she has been part of various productions such as ‘ Batman Live’ world arena tour, London Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremony, The Brit Awards at London o2 performing aerial silks along side Hugh Jackman and many more.

You can see Valerie's work on the following website:


Now Valeriehas found a new home in Hong Kong and is looking to share her love of all things sparkly with you!



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